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2023 News, Updates, and Clinic Changes

Hope you've all had a wonderful start to your New Year! We typically like to make New Year Announcements early in January, but we decided to wait until the office was back to normal to make updates this year. We've had a busy start to 2023 with Dr. Kierstn's family welcoming Baby Ronan late in December and the ice storm knocking out our power the last week of January (3rd year in a row).

Many of you know that we sold our clinic last February, and then bought it back in June. With this happening, Dr. Shannon leaving, and hiring Dr. Natalie, we didn't make many of the changes that were on our agenda for last year. As a team, we've decided to not waste any time. In March, we will:

  1. Be raising our prices by $5/doctor-performed services

  2. Switching Merchant Service Providers

  3. Moving to cloud-based EHR

  4. Offering packages for in-office therapies

  5. Offering rentable office space

Price Increase

Wednesday, March 1st, we will raise all doctor performed services by $5. This means that adjustments will be $55, exams will be $105, dry needling/cupping/IASTM therapies will be $55-$65. You'll find that our prices are still lower than many chiropractors in the SA area. If you truly cannot afford the $5 increase, please speak with Mary, Taproot's Office Manager (we don't want price to interfere with anyone's ability to receive adequate care).

Merchant Service Provider Changes

After 2 years with the same merchant service provider, our credit card processing rate has slowly increased without any notification or explanation (it is A LOT and unacceptable). This means that all saved credit card information will be deleted when we switch providers. If you're one of our many patients that schedule in advance and save your card on file so you can skip the checkout desk, on your first March visit, please take a second to put your credit card on file before you leave. If you forget, no biggie, our staff will give you a call!

EHR Changes

We've been planning on moving to cloud-based EHR since 2020. The benefit for us: we will have better access to your information, making contacting patients during inclement weather days/doctor absences easier. The benefits for you: our online scheduling will be easier to use (you should even be able to reschedule your own appointments online with more that 24 hours notice), you will be able to check-in via your phone, and two-way texting will be available for scheduling and rescheduling.

New Packages

Starting March 1st, we will be offering packages for Acupuncture, Pulse (PEMF therapy), Spinal & Extremity Decompression, and our NEW Infrared Sauna (to be installed soon). Packages will be sold in increments as low as 6 and as high as 24. Prices will be released soon (they will be posted on line and at the front desk).

Available Office Space

We occasionally have people ask to rent space in our office. With the remodel on the left side of the building almost completed, we have decided to dedicate a room just for this purpose. We are hoping this space will be used for other health-related professionals to rent by the hour, but we are open to using it for a coworking space as well. Tenants will be able to post their business information on a bulletin board in the office, but as they are not a part of Taproot, they will not have access to patient information (including for marketing purposes). When the space is ready, we will post more information in the office.

Although we are going to try our best to make these changes as smooth for our patients as possible, we are sorry for any inconvenience they cause. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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