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Our Favorite Things

We have A LOT of recommendations to test, restore, and retain health. Since not everyone needs every tool (nor is it safe for everyone to use every tool on here), we compiled a list of some of our favorite things by category. If you need any additional information on these products or who should use them, please ask our doctors or staff and they will be happy to help. Some of these tools may be offered in-office for purchase, please call if you have any questions.


*some of these are affiliate links, some are not*

Note: because of the links to other sites, this page is best viewed on a laptop.

Family Home Health Kits

We firmly believe in taking responsibility for your own health. Sometimes this means doing your own testing at home. These tools also give you valuable information to decide if your trip should be to the chiropractor, medical doctor, or ER.

Ergonomic Tools for Home Offices

Home ergonomics is essential for anyone who works from home, homeschools, or is a PC gamer. Proper ergonomics will minimize repetetive stress injuries leading to less pain, and less trips to our office for that pain. 

Read our Power of Ergonomics Blog Here for more info.

Detox and Weight Management

We live in a world full of toxins and unfortunately many of them cannot be avoided. Making choices to limit toxins where possible is a great place to start, but adding in detoxifying therapies aids in faster and more complete healing. Weight management falls into this as many our our toxins are ingested via food. In addition to eating organic produce, and minimally processed, pasture-raised meats from local, reliable sources, tracking what those foods do to your body can be very insightful for overall health and wellness.

Muscle and Recovery Tools-Coming soon

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