Adults/Child                      $65

Reexams                              $0

Reactivation Exams          $35

(not seen by the Dr in 6mos)                     

Yearly Wellness Exam        $0

(free for patients that keep up their wellness care)


Electrical Stimulation       $15

Ultrasound                         $25

Cervical Traction               $10

Lumbar/Wobble Chair      $10

Soft Tissue Therapy          $40

Functional Taping              $15

Vibe Plate                           $10

PEMF/Pulse               $40/$75

Decompression          $65/$55

*Exam is required before treatment


Adults/Child  $45

Kid's days are the first week of the month! Call the office for more information.

*Initial exam is required before treatment

On-Call Birthing and Labor Care

Prices based on distance and complication of the care. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have an established relationship with the doctor before requesting this service.

Massage (Temporarily Unavailable):

Deep Tissue, Medical, or Relaxation

25 min         $45

55 min         $75

                                       85 min         $105

                  25 min Reflexology         $45

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy:

Single Sessions:

25 min      $40

50 min      $75

Spinal (neck/low back)                       $65

Extremity (wrist/ankle/knee/hip)      $55