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Services and Pricing



Adults/Child                      $105

Reexams                              $0

Reactivation Exams          $40

(not seen by the Dr in 6mos)                     

Yearly Wellness Exam        $0

(free for patients that keep up their wellness care)


Adults/Child  $55

Kid's days are the first week of the month! Call the office for more information.

*Initial exam is required before treatment


Electrical Stimulation       $15

Ultrasound                         $25

Active Rehab                      $10

Functional Taping              $20

PEMF/Pulse               $45/$75

Decompression          $65/$55

Dry Needling              $55-$65

Soft Tissue Therapy          $55


Cupping/Motion Cupping


Pin & Stretch


Trigger Point Therapy

*Exam is required before treatment

Dry Needling:
Dry Needling (1-2 areas)                      $55

Electronic Dry Needling                       $60

Add $5 for use of TDP lamp


Existing Patient Acu Exam                                              $0

(for a limited time)

Full Acupuncture Session (30-45 mins)               $75

Sinus Mini Acupuncture session (15-30 mins)    $65

Ear Acupuncture/ASP needles (15-30 mins)       $65

Ear Acupressure/Seeding                                      $65

(+$10 for premium/crystal seeds)

*Packages Available*

Infrared Sauna:

Pain Relief, Detox, Cardio,

Relaxation, Weight Loss,

Anti-Aging/Skin Settings

(30-45 mins)


*Unlimited Memberships and Packages Available*

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy:

25 min      $45

50 min      $75

*Unlimited Membership Available for 25 min Sessions*

*Packages Available for 50 min Sessions*

Spinal (neck/low back)                       $65

Extremity (wrist/ankle/knee/hip)      $55

*Packages Coming Soon*

Massage (Temporarily Unavailable):

Deep Tissue, Medical, or Relaxation

25 min         $45

55 min         $75

                                      85 min         $105

                  25 min Reflexology         $45

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