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2024 Annual Spring Cleanse

Updated: Apr 23

Hey Ya'll!!! Its that time of year again!

Taproot's Annual Spring Cleanse begins May 2nd!!!

This year we've decided to use the Thorne MediClear Allergy and Elimination Protocol.

Why did we switch?

-This protocol eases in and then out of detox which should make the detox process less uncomfortable for most people.

-The dietary guidelines will be easier for some people as some grains are included.


Watch our breakdown of the cleanse HERE:

Here are the impotant dates and details:

Cleanse Dates: May 2nd-23rd

Last day to register: April 23rd

Pick up: April 29-30th

(you can also opt to use FullScript to deliver to your home)

Info Night Via Zoom (30 mins): April 29th-Monday

GroupMe Invites will be sent on Info Night



MediClear SGS x 2 + FiberMend x 1 = $218

available in vanilla, chocolate, or one of each

Other options but not as supportive:

MediClear Pluse x 2 + FiberMend x 1 = $186

available in orange vanilla only

MediClear x 2 + FiberMend x 1 = $178

available in plain only


Sign up sheets are available in-office, or call, txt, or email!

Anyone who participates in the cleanse receives 10% off other detoxifying wellness services:

Infrared Sauna

PEMF Therapy

Castor Oil Packs and Oil

Acupuncture is also GREAT to assist with a detox. Athough at this time we will not be offering discounts, if we have enough people who would like to participate in group acupuncture, we will consider making that an option.

Hope to see you all at info night!

Will you be joining us for the Cleanse?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I'm interested but I need more information.

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