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Taproot and Bracken Christian School Partnership

Bracken Christian School and Taproot Chiropractic and Wellness have partnered to teach BCS's Advantage Class! Bracken's Advantage Class is for students interested in going into the medical field. The first semester is an intro to anatomy and physiology. Semester two (lead by John Morello, DPT of Texas Physical Therapy Specialist) focuses on career exploration.

Although all three Taproot Doctors have taught a class, this semester will be primarily taught by Dr. Kierstn (BCS Alumni) and Dr. Natalie. The semester is going to be conclude with a fieldtrip to a cadaver lad to solidify the student's anatomy knowledge.

Dr. Angie is going to teach more in the second semester.

We are having a great time and are honored to be a part of such an awesome program!

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