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New Year Announcements

Written by Dr. Angie.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! As always, I like to make a blog post and newsletter with announcements for the new year.

First, Taproot will officially be a part of the Bulverde community for 7 years on Jan 2nd 🎉 I'm so happy Jeff convinced me to move here from Austin in 2017! Taproot was originally founded as a side-passion of mine in 2015 and in 2017 we opened our second location in Spring Branch (next year on our 10th anniversary, I'll go more into our origin story).

Next, we're going to be utilizing FullScript as a way to get you the best information about supplements and other healthy protocols. If you haven't already made an account, look out for an email from them in the next 1-2 weeks (or click here to create your own). Through FullScript, you will have access to all sorts of high-quality supplements, toiletries, and other health-minded products (castor oil packs, ear candles, sunscreen, etc) delivered to your home. I already have a New Year Gentle Detox category available for those of you who are interested. If you ever have a question about a supplement/product please ask us before ordering as we can't always stop an order once it's placed.

Also, for those of you who are looking to make healthier choices in 2024, we recommend taking advantage of a few services we offer:

Supplement Reviews by the Doctor, Normally $130, but only $50 in Jan. You bring us your goals and your personal supplement list, we do a quick consultation and narrow down/eliminate/add supplements to meet your goals. This usually saves people money, and the amount of pills taken almost always decreases.

Acupuncture for weight loss, detox, anxiety, and balance with Dr. Jay

Infrared Sauna for detox, weight loss, cardio, pain relief, or skin health.

Custom Herbal consults with Dr. Jay for hormones, to strengthen immunity, or detox.

PEMF Therapy for efficient cell regeneration and pain.

In 2024, we're planning on holding/recording courses on several different health topics for our patients. If there is a topic you're particularly interested in, please let us know.

While we look for another Doctor of Chiropractic to join our team, I will be expanding my schedule even more to see patients. I'm having more good days than bad thanks to a lot of of lifestyle changes (including herbs from Dr. Jay). I still have some weakness that makes me more susceptible to getting sick, but I think its just going to take more healing time. I'm going to discuss where I'm most needed with my team and we will make another announcement soon. Chances are once we get another doctor trained, I will go back to one day/week adjusting.

Lastly, we will be raising our prices Jan 29th. Adjustments will increase by $5.

First Year Babies (babies of mom's under care throughout her whole pregnancy) will still get free exams but adjustments/soft tissue/cranial appointments will now be $30.

Kid's Day Prices will remain the same.

We hate raising prices, but our costs of supplies are continuing to rise.

If you truly cannot afford you or your family's care, please speak to your doctor or to Mary, our Office Manager. We don't believe that anyone's financial situation should keep them from receiving high-quality healthcare.

Keep an eye out for more announcements about hours and health-related topics!

Be well,

Dr. Angie Becerra

Up Coming Events:

Taproot Bulverde's 7th Anniversary Jan 2nd

Taproot Annual Spring Cleanse April 3-24

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