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It's Fall Ya'll!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

If you're anything like us, you are finally settling into your back-to-school schedule.

Aug-Sept is the time of year where people frequently neglect their self-care while they're sorting out their new routines.

Now that October is right around the corner, it is time to get back on track and schedule your wellness care here at Taproot!

We rarely offer promotions, but for the month of October,

Reactivation Exams are FREE!

(not been seen by our Doctors in 6+mos, but not more than 3 years)

We are required to still perform these exams, so adequate time will still be scheduled, but at no extra cost to you. We hope this will be one less barrier to you taking responsibility for your health.

(adjustment/therapy/rehab fees still apply)

October Kid's Days are on the 5th and 6th!

There is a frequent misconception that we only see kids on Kid's Days, but that is untrue.

Kid's Days allow our families to take advantage of our Kid's Day prices, but we see kids every day of the week and love doing so! If your little (or not so little one) injures themselves, please don't wait until Kid's Days to bring them in.

As always, if you schedule your next 12 monthly wellness appointments you'll receive a free Taproot t-shirt (1/yr obviously).

Keep a lookout for more announcements in the near future as

our Doctors are working on home-healthcare video classes for our patients!

Taproot Office Hours:

M 8a-7p

T 8a-6p

W 8a-6p

Th 1p-6p

F 8a-2p

VIP IV Total Health and Hydration Hours:

(Located in the Lobby of Taproot Wellness)

F 10a-1:30p

Sept 24th, Oct 8th, Oct 22nd

Or call our office for more info and scheduling


Be well!

The Taproot Team

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