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2022 Annual Spring Cleanse

It's that time of year again!!!

Get ready for our Annual Spring Cleanse!!

Sign-up by: April 20th

Kit Pick-up: April 26th-27th

Info Night: April 27th @ 6pm Via Zoom

Cleanse Dates April 29th-May 19th

If you've never participated, watch Dr. Angie's Info Video Here:

Program Overview:

21 Day Standard Process Purification Program

Toxicity Questionnaire

Remove, Days 1-7:

SP Complete Shakes-Fiber-SP Cleanse

Vegetarian + Organic if possible

Replenish, Days 8-21:

SP Complete Shakes-Fiber-SP Cleanse

Add in small amounts of quality meats-grass fed/wild caught/free range/organic

Reintroduce, Day 21+:

Continue to take the parts of the program that vibe with your lifestyle.

Add in foods 1 at a time, allowing at least 3 days between introductions.

Avoid any foods that cause reactions for at least 3 months.


Access to The Annual Spring Cleanse Facebook Group

Access to the Drs via FB Messenger

If you'd like more information or like to sign-up, email or call by April 20th!

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