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Update on Dr. Angie

Written by Dr. Angie Becerra

I know it's been a while since I've given an update on my health, but there hasn't been much to report. I'm having better days with less dizziness (still a ton of fatigue), but I have no actual answers. I've just been focusing on making good decisions and trying to remember to rest when I need it.

I have incorporated a few tools to track my wellness. Right now I'm relying heavily on my Signos Continuous Glucose Monitor to help me hack my food. Although my blood glucose levels were never very high, I was having hypoglycemic dips almost every night. Using Signos, I've been able to modify my diet and am now consistently within a healthy range.

Dr. Kierstn is also demoing this tool to see if it's something we want to offer our patients to help with weight loss and making informed decisions about their diet. If you want info about the Signos self-lead program, Click Here and use the code TAPROOT15 for 15% off. If we bring this to our patients later, the price will be more than the self-lead program, but will include doctor overview.

I'm also wearing an Oura Ring to track my sleep, O2 levels, temperature, and readiness for the day. There is something satisfying about waking up when I'm not feeing great and my ring confirming what I feel. I've also been using the Oura to help track my hormone levels--this allows me to be able to use fasting as a healing tool. Fasting has been the #1 thing that makes me feel better, but as a woman, you can really upset your hormone balance if you're not fasting with your hormone cycles. I'm still learning all the fine details with this and trying to find the right tools to give the best results, but I hope to be able to help other women with this eventually.

As for tests being performed by MDs: I just completed a home sleep study and I have an echocardiogram scheduled in a few weeks. My cardiologist was not very worried that I have a heart condition, its more a better safe than sorry type situation. I'm still waiting for for one more specialist appointment after this, but I've nearly run through every reasonable option on the allopathic side of medicine.

If nothing is found in these last tests, my next step will be addressing everything within my CAM knowledge. In the office I'm going to increase my frequency of adjustments, increase my use of IF Sauna and add PEMF. I'm considering adding in weekly acupuncture sessions with Dr. N and Nutrition IV Therapy from our friends over at Bulverde MedSpa as well. I'm starting my workouts again next week at Athletic Foundations. I can tell that I've lost strength and flexibility since this all began and Coach Mick has agreed to start me slow.

As for now, I'm still seeing patients on Wednesdays 10a-3p. I'm not planning on adding any more patient-treatment hours at this time. I have been contemplating the next phase of my career though as the doctoring phase of my career may be coming to an end. The next phase of my career might be to grow, teach, and mentor other doctors. The Parker quote "loving service is my first technique" has always been my motto when treating patients and it's the foundation on which Taproot was created. I plan on using that same belief to foster and grow other doctors in their practice and their technique. If you've ever been in our office you know that at Taproot we always strive to treat every patient like our family and every person on the Taproot Team shares this vision. How much better would both the medical and CAM worlds be if this was not the exception, but the standard level of care of most practices?

**Taproot is a part of the Signos Affiliate Program**

**Taproot is not a part of any Oura Affiliate Program as of the original date of this post**

**Taproot does not receive any incentives by mentioning Athletic Foundations or Bulverde MedSpa, we just like them 😊**

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