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Temporary Doctor's Hours

Starting on Sept 25th the Doctor's schedules will be limited until we have a new doctor hired and trained up to Taproot's high standards.

Although there will not be a Doctor available for adjustments, the office will remain open at our normal hours for anything administrative that you need and staff run therapies (ex: infrared sauna, PEMF table, decompression, EMS) and supplement purchases.

Office Hours:

M 8a-7p

T/W 8a-6p

T 8a-10a & 12p-6p

F 8a-2p

Dr. Kierstn:

M 11a-7p

T 8a-4p

W 10a-6p

Th 8a-10a & 12p-4p

F Off

Dr. Angie:

W 10a-3p

If your next appointment falls outside of these hours, don't worry, the staff are already planning to call and reschedule you. If you need an appointment outside of the doctors hours, please call the office to schedule.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these temporary hours might cause.

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