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December Holiday Hours and Tips!

Merry Christmas from the Taproot Team!!!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season,

we want to make sure you are taking good care of your body so here are a few tips to help maintain your health:

1. Hydration

💧Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz/day-staying hydrated keeps inflammation and body chemicals that cause pain at lower levels, it also aids in digestion.

💧Breathe through your nose-you lose 40% more hydration by mouth breathing!

💧Limit alcohol and caffeine as both can cause inflammation and dehydration.

2. Nutrition

🥕Limit sugar intake (we know this is hard!)-sugar increases inflammation and will make injuries hurt worse.

🥕Stay away from foods that you have sensitivities to. There are great alternatives to gluten and dairy these days! "Cheating" only damages your gut.

3. Body Care

💪Don't forget to keep up your physical activity even as it gets colder. Exercising facilitates digestion, improves blood flow, and improves mood.

💪Yoga and stretching daily are good ways to maintain mobility-we have multiple fantastic yoga instructors in town and some of them still have online classes for when you're traveling.

💪Strength training shouldn't just begin on Jan 1st! Weight training is essential to maintaining strong bones as we age!

🤕And as always, if you slip/fall/hurt yourself don't wait, CALL US!!!🤕

We can correct many injuries in a shorter amount of time and with less discomfort if we start treatment asap!

Other resources to keep yourself well this December:

Check out our YouTube Channel for last year's

(aka how to not hurt yourself while cleaning)

and this year's

Also (for the kiddos and the young-at-heart),

keep up with Mabel the Elf's adventures on our

Holiday Hours:

🎄Christmas Week Hours🎄


Normal Hours by ALL Doctors


11-3 Dr. Kierstn, 1-6 Dr. Shannon



🎉New Years Week Hours🎉


Normal Hours by ALL Doctors


Normal Hours by Dr. Shannon & Dr. Kierstn



💧VIP Total Hydration December Hours at Taproot Wellness💧

Th 12/9 Afternoon

F 12/17 Morning

Th 12/23 Afternoon

Although some drop-ins can be accommodated, a scheduled appointment is preferred!


January 2nd is our


in the Spring Branch/Bulverde area,

look for special announcements in the near future!!!


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