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New Software Update!

If you've been to Taproot in the last 2 weeks, you've had an opportunity to see our new software in action.

Some of you love it, some of you hate it, but change is always a little uncomfortable at first. We will be leaving the feedback email/txt option on for a while for you to share your thoughts and feelings with us.

We've been trying to switch software for a few years, but no programs could check all of our boxes. Here's why we chose this particular software:

  1. We needed to be cloud-based. We need access to your records and contact information if there were to be any reason we couldn't get into the office or our power was out (this has happened 5 times in the last 2 years, and a few times for days-on-end).

  2. You needed better online scheduling! We are so close to having this finished and hoping this will be live in the next few weeks (an announcement will be made through IG/FB/Blog post/we will send you a link to register). You will be able to see all your future appointments and even change the ones that are >24hrs away. Just know that we will ALWAYS be available to schedule in the office or via phone, this is just one more option to make your life easier.

  3. This program is growing. We're not 100% sure of all features that will eventually roll-out, but the messaging system alone is already an improvement on what we had. (We're hoping for a patient portal someday where you can upload imaging or see what we've uploaded from STRIC/other providers).

  4. The self check-in can be done from your cell phone. All of us LOVED this option, but we've gotten some feedback that people have struggled with this. We will continue to keep iPads at the front desk for those who need them.

  5. Self check-in, digital new patient paperwork, and outcome assessments are all customizable. We haven't gotten all of these customized or uploaded yet, but we're working on it.

We practiced A TON on this software before completing our conversion. Even still, real life is much different than practice, and we are all becoming proficient at our parts. We have noticed that not all the information in some records was migrated over in the exact right order. Also, credit card information for some patients was not stored. If you struggle to sign in, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

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