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🎉2023 End of Year Raffle🎉

If you've been a patient of Taproot for a few years, you probably already know that its time for Taproot's End of Year Raffle! For everyone else, our End of Year Raffle gives us a chance to reward you for prioritizing your health throughout the year.

There are TWO ways to enter:

  1. Have completed 12 months of wellness care by Dec 29th (don't worry, we look this up for you).

  2. Leave us a Google review (because sometimes life happens and you accidentally miss a month of wellness care). If you've left a review in the past, we've got you. If you'd like to leave one, Click Here .

If you've done both of those things, you get 2 entries!

2023's prizes are:

  1. A Theragun Prime ($300 value)

  2. Gift Certificate for One Month Unlimited Infrared Sauna and Pulse ($200 value)

  3. Gift Certificate for One Month Unlimited Pulse Sessions ($150 value)

  4. Gift Certificate for One Month Unlimited Infrared Sauna ($120 value)

  5. Gift Certificate for a 55 Min Massage ($99 value)

  6. Gift Certificate for a 25 Min Massage ($50 value)

  7. Gift Certificate for One Infrared Sauna Session ($45 value)

  8. Gift Certificate for One 25 Min Pulse Session ($45 value)

  9. A Taproot Beanie ($25 value)

  10. A Taproot T-Shirt ($20 value)

We'll be drawing and announcing our winners on January 2nd 2024!

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