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Dr. Kierstn Joins our Team!

Happy July and welcome to the new Taproot Blog and Announcements!

It's been brought to our attention than many of our patients miss our emails and that a blog would be more effective. Our newsletters cover everything from office announcements to healthy living tips and an archive would be beneficial for all of us! So a big THANK YOU to the person who suggested it!

First of all, we'll be closed July 5th in observation of Independence Day and to allow our staff a little extra time with their families.

Also, we want to welcome Dr. Kierstn Stolhandske to our team!

Dr. Kierstn

Many of you have already met Dr. Kierstn as she's been completing her on-boarding training in the office. We are VERY excited to have her joining our team! Having another fantastic Doctor of Chiropractic in the office is going to significantly decrease wait times for both new and existing patient appointments. We are happy to be able serve you, your family, and friends in a more timely manner! Check out Dr. Kierstn's bio HERE.

As many of you know, we shift hour hours every few months to not only accommodate our Doctors' changing lives, but to also offer you more availability in peak adjusting hours. Our hours starting July 13th will be:

M- 8:00a-7:00p

T/W- 8:00a-6:00p

Th- 1:00p-6:00p

F- 8:00a-2:00p

Dr. Shannon






Dr. Kierstn






Dr. Angie




Th & F-OFF

Expect another newsletter in July with the Wellness Theme of the Month, Remedy Bioenergetics Testing info, and other announcements!

Be Well,

From the Taproot Team

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