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Expanding Hours!

Starting September 12th we will be open Thursday mornings!!!

M: 8a-7p

T: 8a-6p

W: 8a-6p

Th: 8a-10:30a, 12-6p

F: 8a-2p

Dr. Natalie Dr. Kierstn Dr. Angie

M: 8a-1p 1p-7p 10a-3p

T: 12p-6p 8a-1p 10a-3p

W: 8a-1p 1p-6p 10a-3p

Th: 12p-6p 8a-10:30a, 12-3p Off

F: 8a-2p 8a-12p Off

*Friday doctors schedules may vary due to Bracken teaching schedule*

This will be our hours through Dr. Kierstn's maternity starting mid-late December.

Keep a lookout in late October for our Holiday hours.

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