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Taproot is Now Curis Functional Health: Bulverde!!!

If you haven't already heard, Taproot is now Curis Functional Health: Bulverde!!!

Dr. Angie's vision for Taproot has always been a Full Wellness Center with multiple kinds of practitioners. Addressing the Physical, Emotional, and Chemical stressors in life is the best way to achieve optimal health! When Curis approached her about doing this very thing, she couldn't pass up the opportunity!

What does this mean for our patients?

We will soon have more services including:




Mental Health Services

(virtual already available)

What does this mean for our practice?

Our doctors and staff are all committed and excited about this transition!

Our name will change, but our people will be the same.

At some point in the future we will have new software, but there is no date for this yet.

We will have access to other programs and training to serve you better!

If you have any questions about this transition, ask a staff member or your doctor!

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